Swalwell Park Washroom & Pavilion

British Columbia

The Swalwell Park Washroom and Pavilion is the showpiece in the larger redevelopment of this previously underused park in BC's Okanagan Valley.

It features a durable material palette, green roof, grey-water capture system, and natural ventilation, all of which embodies the District of Lake Country's commitment to sustainability at every scale. Its clay masonry construction feature voided head joints at judicious locations allowing natural light and ventilation and adding an unexpected sense of playfulness to the building.

The completed Pavilion is an important, revitalizing addition to this previously under-used park.

This play continues with perforated steel sidelights that provide further light and ventilation, but also operate as signage and allow sound transmission for public safety. The Pavilion provides a covered space in the park for community events and informal gatherings, and the attached structure has storage, concession, and mechanical spaces for the adjacent children’s spray park. 



The Swalwell Park Pavilion capitalizes on the very nature of masonry construction and uses voided head joints to help facilitate true, natural cross ventilation. 


A chronic attractive nuisance is here made durable and central to the building's public identity and use. Entries - both men and women - identify each facility, assist in ventilation, and user safely.