Emma Carscadden Headshot

Emma Carscadden

Partner, Director of Communications + Strategy

Architecture matters – perhaps most to the people who don’t even realize that it does. My job is to communicate that.

Glen Stokes Headshot

Glen Stokes

Partner, Architect AIBC

Design is when an elegant solution emerges from the methodical daylighting of the pertinent challenges

Ian McDonald Headshot

Ian Ross McDonald

Partner, Architect AIBC LEED GA

There is a knife edge between indulgent and practical in architecture.

Mark Woytiuk

Partner, Architect AIBC

Architecture is an effort to cajole whimsical solutions out of practical problems and practical solutions out of whimsical problems.

Mark Hosford

Architect AIBC

With all the wonder in the world to draw from, it is with great responsibility and opportunity that we can magnify our surroundings through architecture.

Amanda Jehring Headshot

Amanda Jehring

Architect AIBC

Walk as slow as possible all the time so you don’t miss all the pretty buildings.

Sarah Sako Headshot

Sarah Sako

Architect AIBC

Pull quotes undermine the value of architecture.

Riley Baechler Headshot

Riley Baechler

Intern Architect AIBC

Inhabited space transcends geometrical space

Chris Lawrence Headshot

Chris Lawrence


If one accepts the premise that private dwellings should strive to operate on the basis of the greatest possible austerity, then by contrast, public dwellings should provide the maximum of available luxury accessible to all

Connor Arms Headshot

Connor Arms

Intern Architect AIBC

Every place has its own story. Every project should play a part.

Emily Scoular Headshot

Emily Scoular

Intern Architect AIBC

Less is more.

Halley Sveinson Headshot

Halley Sveinson

Intern Architect AIBC

The role of architect is to make a complicated world simple.

Chloe Boisvert

Designer, BENDS

I didn’t give you a quote for the last website, and I’m not starting now.

Roxy Nazar Headshot

Roxy Nazar


One does not begin building a house from chimney smoke.

Micaelee Hanson Headshot

Micaelee Hanson

Intern Architect AIBC

“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” – Charles Eames

Matias Kubacsek Headshot

Matias Kubacsek

Designer, BENDS

The pleasure of architecture is reimagining spaces old and new

Veronica Troughton Headshot

Veronica Troughton

Designer, BENDS

Finding ways to address complex problems with the simplest possible solution is what motivates me as a designer.

Moya Hilliam Headshot

Moya Hilliam

Office Administration

If you build it, they will come.

Kathryn Pierre

Intern Architect AIBC

The best lessons in architecture come from long walks around the city.