WC Blair Expansion

Township of Langley, BC

The latest in a long, long line of successive projects at WC Blair, the expansion (which includes renovations, of course) provides additional fitness area and rejuvenated spaces while continuing the work of steadily maintaining and improving the facility’s durability.

Photography: Andrew Latreille

Jewish Community Centre

Vancouver, BC

We are the wet-side experts for the new JCC, that “[w]hile Jewish at heart, – is accessed by a variety of different communities and is one of the leading and most diverse community centres in the area.” Working under lead architects Acton Ostry Architects.

Photography: Acton Ostry Architects

CNV Lawn Bowling Fieldhouse

North Vancouver, BC

The North Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club is the linch pin project in the City of North Vancouver’s massive Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands development. The project includes new international level competition bowls and modern clubhouse. New members welcome!

Coquitlam Family YMCA Aquatic Centre

Coquitlam, BC

One of several YMCA projects in the office, we are the wet-side experts here for Stantec, helping them advance the YMCA’s mission:

Helping children and families thrive. Promoting healthy living. Fostering belonging and connection.

Photography: Carscadden

Oakridge Penthouse Pools

Vancouver, BC

Oakridge Living City is destined to be one of the most important developments in Vancouver’s recent history. We are responsible for all the common amenity and private pools. Currently under construction. (With HPA, DSAI.)

Photography: Carscadden, DSAI, HPA

Lions Gate Community Recreation Centre

North Vancouver, BC

A visionary strategy by the District of North Vancouver, this project spanned ten years to implement a community recreation centre into part of a much larger, high density development project at the core of the Lions Gate Town Centre. This community amenity was deftly planned to be opened at residents moved into the multi project, multi year, re-imagined neighbourhood – no small feat.

Photography: Ema Peter


Calgary, AB

In collaboration with Dialog we are helping VIVO with their wildly ambitious and important facility expansion. We are the wet-side experts here, helping to deliver their aquatics program.

Renderings: Dialog.

Aberdeen Park (with VDZ)

Richmond, BC

A collaboration with landscape architects VDZ, Aberdeen park is a new urban park in Richmond that builds on a successive phasing efforts. Gardens, stage, and planes, oh my!

Photography: Brett Hitchins

Summerland Feasibility And Site Fit

Summerland, BC

The well-loved Summerland Aquatic and Fitness Centre has served the citizens of this Okanagan community for decades and is due for a replacement. The District is undertaking a thorough and detailed process of discovery aiming ever closer to an appropriate and supportable new recreation facility. (With MAD Studio.)

Mahon Park Childcare

North Vancouver, BC

A new state of the art day care in the middle of one of North Vancouver’s most important parks? And you say there’s a track, splash park, and wooded ravine right there? Sounds perfect.