Mark Woytiuk

Partner (Joined May 2015)

Mark joined us in 2015, and we are thrilled to count him as a partner now. We get to do what no other firm gets to: continue to craft our work and the the culture of our studio with Mark’s steady and thoughtful contributions.

Great Bear Rainforest Act

BC passes the The Great Bear Rainforest (Forest Management) Act, significantly limiting logging and establishing indigenous shared decision making.

Carscadden SWAG

We make stuff too sometimes, which is fun. Books, bike kits, route profiles, and mud flaps. We also do friends’ jerseys, but only if they ask nicely 😉

Canada legalizes same-sex marriage

Sometimes it takes way, way longer than it should to do the right thing, but Canada got there and legalized same-sex marriage eventually. Now everyone can endure their parents bugging them about when they plan to have kids 😉

Canada first country to legalize medical marijuana

Sometimes Canada is ahead of the curve and does the sensible thing, as we were with the legalization of medical marijuana.

Ian Ross McDonald

Ian McDonald Headshot

Partner (Joined May 2007)

There is a knife edge between indulgent and practical in architecture.

Randy Burghardt

Randy was a thoughtful and valued member of our little family for more than a decade. We were heartbroken when he died. Karen wrote the most beautiful piece on him.

Carscadden HQ

Vancouver, BC

After 19 years in the Downtown Eastside and 11 years on East Hastings, we moved to new digs just a little further east. We’re still bike-able, we’ve got more light, and we’re now carbon free. Stop by any time!

Photography: Andrew Latreille

Emma Carscadden

Emma Carscadden Headshot

Partner, Director of Communications + Strategy (Joined June 2001)

Architecture matters – perhaps most to the people who don’t even realize that it does. My job is to communicate that.