Stainsbury Apartments

December 2018

Vancouver, BC

One of only a handful of projects to make it through the City of Vancouver’s Moderate Income Rental Housing Pilot Project (MIRHPP, because that’s a mouthfull) Stainbsury is a cost-effective, Passive House affordable housing project.

SFU McTaggart Cowan Student Residence

September 2017

Burnaby, BC

Just in time for school, SFU McTaggart long-suffered the undigified, if typical, abuse of college co-ed dormitories. The renovations are more reimaginaing than refresh: Communal kitchens that could be on Top Chef, washrooms for this century, and – hold on a second… is that a make-out couch?

East Van Residence

June 2016

East Van, Yo

We have little to say, here, but we sure like what Jim Sutherland said

“Maybe it’s more prose than poetry, but Carscadden’s description of the project as “beautiful decisions that fit within the rules” is as apt a description of a successful urban renovation as is likely to be found. Leave it to the client to supply the poetry. “There’s nothing about it that I’d change,” says Cossever (client). “We got it all.”