Lonsdale Quay

North Vancouver, BC

Who in Vancouver hasn’t looked across the water or down Lonsdale Avenue and taken notice of the landmark Q? A place of near-constant change, we are working with the owners to renovate both the interiors and exterior public interface of the original market.

Imagery: Carscadden

Heatley Street Residences

Vancouver, BC

Apartment buildings are rarer than rare in Strathcona and preserving these two were critical to maintaining the existing neighbourhood fabric. Now newly connected via a modern central stair, the buildings maintain their primary heritage value: a strong urban presence on the corner and modest apartments in a sea of single family houses.

Photography: Krista Jahnke

Brackendale Community Apartments

Brackendale, BC

The site was selected on the basis of its longstanding community value and the design intent is to maintain the existing general store and post office, while also honoring it through material and massing cues – while simultaneously acknowledging the pressing need to provide much-needed rental apartments in Brackendale. The property is constrained by significant SPEA setbacks that govern both new buildings and lot coverage.

33 & 65 Water Street

Vancouver, BC

Hard to remember, but there was a time when Gastown living really was the vanguard of speculative development. These early projects set the tone for balancing urban heritage and urbane loft living.

18 West Hastings Microlofts

Vancouver, BC

The Microlofts at 18 West Hastings were Canada’s first microunits, a groundbreaking affordable housing model integrated into a refurbished heritage building. With each interior feature custom designed to maximize space, liviabilty, efficiency, and beauty, these apartments prove that the City can be your living room if you have a beautiful bedroom to return to.

Ambleside Fieldhouse

West Vancouver, BC

The existing fieldhouse at Rutledge Park still had some life left; it just needed new accessible washrooms, accessible changerooms, offices, ventilation and heating systems; all without affecting the existing shell structure and envelope. Ultimately, we reworked the existing interiors to be generous and logical; and added two small pods to the entrances of the changerooms to house all new mechanical systems without burdening the existing building structure.

564 Beatty Street

Vancouver, BC

The LEED Gold heritage restoration and commercial addition to 564 Beatty Street in Crosstown is a flagship project for the Owner, Reliance Properties, and for the City. The first of its kind in Vancouver, 564 Beatty has set a precedent for the ability to retain and celebrate Vancouver’s commercial heritage projects and it’s legacy can be seen elsewhere downtown. The tower serves as a gateway marker for people entering the city via public transit, car, and bike. It is a confident and sophisticated, “You’re downtown now, baby!” (With IBI Group)

Photography: Sham Sthankiya


Vancouver, BC

Chambar pioneered casual fine dining in Vancouver and remains the gold standard for a great night out. So when they asked us to help with their restaurant, of course we said ‘YES!’ (With Chambar)

Buchanan Tower Renewal

Vancouver, BC

Over 7 phases and 7 years, every floor of UBC’s iconic Buchanan Tower – inside and out – will have renewed as a result of this project. As each floor of is home to a different department, meaningful stakeholder engagement and input has been key. Working with UBC and the departments, we have addressed this with a design palette that is easily adaptable to each client’s needs while maintaining cohesion across floors.