Renfrew Park Community Centre Upgrades

Vancouver, BC

First phase of upgrades included the complete replacement of the 30-year old, 25-metre 6-lane pool tank, along with associated code and structural seismic upgrading. Thoughtful planning and budget control created the opportunity for a 1,000 ft² glazed addition and large leisure-style hot pool which is cantilevered over the ravine. Following a successful 2008 feasibility study, the addition of new men’s, women’s and universal change rooms, as well as a revitalized entry and lobby, was completed in 2010.

Swalwell Park Pavilion

Lake Country, BC

The anchor to a reimagined park in Lake Country, the park itself is an early catalyst for civic renewal in the area. It won awards and we remain very proud.

Kensington & Robert Burnaby Park Washrooms

Burnaby, BC

Vanguards of a quiet renaisance in BC public washrooms, Robert Burnaby and Kensington Park redefined the standards of park washrooms for the entire province when then were built. Playfull, durable as all get out, and each crafted to respond to the peculiar nature of their unique sites.