Carscadden HQ

Vancouver, BC

After 19 years in the Downtown Eastside and 11 years on East Hastings, we moved to new digs just a little further east. We’re still bike-able, we’ve got more light, and we’re now carbon free. Stop by any time!

Photography: Andrew Latreille

Moodyville Park Building

North Vancouver, BC

A crown jewel in North Vancouver’s park system, Moodyville Park has it all – a pumptrack, terraced playground, epic views, and the Trans Canada Trail. Together with PFS Studio, we dropped a pavilion/folly into the mix to allow everyone to enjoy the park a little more comfortably.

Buchanan Tower Renewal

Vancouver, BC

Over 7 phases and 7 years, every floor of UBC’s iconic Buchanan Tower – inside and out – will have renewed as a result of this project. As each floor of is home to a different department, meaningful stakeholder engagement and input has been key. Working with UBC and the departments, we have addressed this with a design palette that is easily adaptable to each client’s needs while maintaining cohesion across floors.

Town Centre Park Washroom

Coquitlam, BC

Anchoring an expansion to Town Centre Park, this amenity building provides much needed washroom facilities as well as a location to get hot chocolate when it’s cold and ice cream when it’s warm – literally everything anyone ever really needs at a park.

Dr. Bonnie Henry locks down BC

It came fast and sudden, but in retrospect wasn’t too surprising. We’re grateful we made it through and know that it was a lot harder for some others.

Emma Carscadden

Emma Carscadden Headshot

Partner, Director of Communications + Strategy (Joined June 2001)

Architecture matters – perhaps most to the people who don’t even realize that it does. My job is to communicate that.

Vanderhoof Aquatic Centre

Vanderhoof, BC

From a feasibility study in 2013 to a grand opening in 2019, we worked with Vanderhoof to realize this gem of an aquatic centre. The pool, with its natural light and local materials, reflects the community’s dogged determination to have a community pool. As Bruce always says, architecture has a long seed time – but when it blooms, it’s worth the wait.

Photography: Ema Peter

Global Climate March

On September 27 our whole office – and maybe the whole city – said together that the Climate Crisis is paramount.

Terrace Sportsplex Arena Expansion & Aquatic Renewal

Terrace, BC

The phases of rehabilitation of the Terrace Sportsplex started with twinning the arena using a pre-fabricated metal structure. Careful budget planning allowed for interior improvements and the addition of a cantilevered multipurpose space. Years later, a full refresh of the aquatic centre and fitness spaces provides Terrace with a modern aquatic centre that preserves the original 70s cool building expression and wood beams.

Bruce Carscadden

Bruce Carscadden


Bruce left an indelible mark on architecture in BC and a lasting legacy in the way we view architecture and how we practice it. Thank-you, Bruce.