Translink King George Bike Parkade

Surrey, BC

Translink’s first and flagship Bike parkade. This project was the prototype for both details and materials for our later work.

Images: M. Knowles; Carscadden

Segev LLP

Vancouver, BC

Through 2 offices and 3 renovations, we helped Segev LLP physically manifest their unique legal practice office culture. The result was an evolving blend of urbane cool and professional competence. (Phase 3 with &daughters.)

Photography: Jarsha Brown

Pedalheads Aquatic Centre

West Vancouver, BC

Pedalheads Pool is Canada’s first all-stainless steel pool – the pre-fabricated nature of the installation was a cost-saving win. Conveniently located in Park Royal Mall, parents can duck out for a well-deserved coffee break while kids learn to swim in this unique and playful facility.

Covered Multi-Sport Boxes

Lower Mainland, Mostly

Historically intended as covered lacrosse boxes, we have advocated the use of covered multi-sport boxes across the Lower Mainland as a way to extend the playing season while also lowering capital costs, operational costs, and minimizing our carbon footprint. (‘Cause we’re all in this together!)

Images: Carscadden

Circle Wellness Spa

Vancouver, BC

Born of a desire to improve people’s lives and an unshakable belief that wellness demands attention to the body and the mind and the spirit, the Circle Wellness Spa pods are a leap of faith backwards to a more foundational feature of what it means to be human.

Photography: Ema Peter

CNV Lawn Bowling Fieldhouse

North Vancouver, BC

The North Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club is the linch pin project in the City of North Vancouver’s massive Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands development. The project includes new international level competition bowls and modern clubhouse. New members welcome!

Photography: Andrew Latreille

Mark Hosford & Amanda Jehring


Mark and Amanda joined us in 2016 and 2018 and we are excited to announce their new associate status. They are a one-two punch of professionalism and thoughtfulness. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to work with them and check out their crazy moiré effect shirt choices in person!

Congratulate Mark. Congratulate Amanda.

Mark Woytiuk

Partner (Joined May 2015)

Mark joined us in 2015, and we are thrilled to count him as a partner now. We get to do what no other firm gets to: continue to craft our work and the the culture of our studio with Mark’s steady and thoughtful contributions.

Stainsbury Apartments

Vancouver, BC

One of only a handful of projects to make it through the City of Vancouver’s Moderate Income Rental Housing Pilot Project (MIRHPP, because that’s a mouthful) Stainsbury is a cost-effective, Passive House affordable housing project.

Mahon Park Childcare & Fieldhouse

North Vancouver, BC

A new state of the art day care in the middle of one of North Vancouver’s most important parks? And you say there’s a track, splash park, and wooded ravine right there? Sounds perfect.

Currently under construction. Images: Carscadden