Warming Huts


Submitted for the 2013 City of Winnipeg Warming Huts Competition, this proposal looks to capitalize on the paradox that skating - like winter itself - can evoke both a sense of the solitary and communal. The shelters are meant to be robust and intimate, but gather to form a small community. Coming upon them, large families might subdivide for more private conversations and the exchange of childrens’ secrets; strangers for a brief moment of shared anonymous intimacy.

Robust, intimate, and gathered to make a small community.

The shelters themselves echo the abstraction that winter applies to the landscape: not formless, per se, but appearing monolithic and possessing both a familiarity and strangeness. Inside, lined with thick flannel, the warming huts are more mitten than shelter, subtly lit and offering controlled views through the entry and slatted lanterns.

Detail Model 2013 09 29 - Section.png