Private Residence

British Columbia

It is impossible to deny the power of Vancouver's landscape and its inherent contractions - a landscape that is at once near and immediate, and distant and majestic.

In this house, you can be intimate and expansive

This large private residence in Vancouver's Point Grey neighbourhood assumes you can have it both ways. In this house, you can be intimate and expansive. It does so through its orchestration around a central circulation spine that takes residents and guests up from a sense of grounded terra firma, to a series of expansive modern bedrooms that manage both privacy and broad views of the north shore mountains. To amplify this effect, the house relies on a material expression of exposed boardroom concrete that provides a rich and textured sense of groundedness at the lower levels, and more refined materials that characterize the upper floors.



And then more views. The property came with million dollar views. Our task was to not let ourselves forget about the power of more intimate views on the densely treed site.


Concrete on the ground and wood in the trees. The house gives reassuring, cloistered intimacy at grade, and a command view of the world two stories up.