Polson Park Pavilion

British Columbia

Surrounded by the park’s lush, natural environment, the Polson Park Pavilion’s thoughtful use of rich wood and bright colours reflect this setting, and inject a sense of delight and warmth, particularly in winter months. The Pavilion provides much-needed washrooms, concession and storage to support park activities, as well as creates an open but covered stage area for community gatherings and events.

There is no true “back side” to this building.

The building is characterized by a twisting and splayed, organically formed roof line over the stage area and the structure is expressed prominently with the wood glulam beams. The main building areas of the Pavilion are constructed with grey, brick-sized concrete masonry units, and green support columns, coloured glass, and graphic signage was used to add pop. Significantly, all elevations of the Polson Park Pavilion have been treated as equally important. There is no true “back side” to this building; it is accessible from all sides and as such, all angles were treated with similar respect. 



The City of Vernon's brief was to provide a new facility with accessible washroom facilities, a staff area, equipment storage, and a generous covered area that could function as an outdoor classroom, viewing gallery, or stage. Oh, and they wanted it to look good too.


Materials were selected with durability and ease of maintenance in mind, and the wood products deployed throughout celebrated BC's wood industry - important in a place like Vernon.


“After the fire, people wanted something to enhance the park. It will be well used,”

                       Wayne Lippert, Vernon mayor.