City of Vancouver Fraserview Golf Course Driving Range

Ever wonder just how much room you need to hammer that little white ball as far as you can?

We have, and have a lot over the last several months as we work with the City of Vancouver Parks Board on the feasibility of replacing the existing driving range at Fraserview. Other big questions that have occurred to us as we study this sport... why does 30 minutes at the range leave me stiffer than a 3 hour ride on the weekend. #so-unfair.

APRIL 21, 2017 - IRM

Pop-Up @ the Square Design Competition

What is the classic play equipment? How often did you say, "Meet me at the swings!"? Ted, Stewart, and Mark employed this classic refrain and deployed it to great effect in the City of Victoria's recent design competition for Centennial Square. Winnahs to be announced May 2. Stay Tuned!

APRIL 13, 2017 - GS

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 4.41.54 PM.png

A New Website? That's Old News!

What's new? Well... We have a new website. That's new. Of course, we made an analog one out of bulldog clips first because... well... #Carscadden. More news to come.

APRIL 7, 2017 - IRM