Nelson and District Community Complex

British Columbia

Following a successful referendum, the Regional District and the City of Nelson proceeded with the construction of a new 1,500-seat multipurpose ice arena, expanded aquatic center and new fitness facilities. 

Emphasizes natural light
and ventilation.

Located on an important downtown site, construction was completed in the spring / summer of 2005.  The new facility emphasizes natural light and ventilation, accessibility and flow and an enjoyable user experience in its design.

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The primary access takes vehicles and pedestrians towards the entrance along a curved park drive, with a double row of trees that mark the edge of a bluff. This gesture reinforces the new building entry by bringing the "park" entry to the street and making it visible from the downtown core area. 


The multipurpose arena is located to the east of the site to maximize the forecourt and parking area to locate the mechanical plant adjacent to the exiting areas. By placing the long axis of the arena perpendicular to the slope of the site, two entrances could be located at different floor elevations; a day to day civic entrance at ice level and a festival entry at the concourse level.