Moodyville Park Washroom Pavilion


The City of North Vancouver undertook a significant redevelopment of the popular Moodyville Park, along Low Level Road. As a part of this comprehensive redesign spearheaded by PFS Studio, a washroom building and covered pavilion was designed and built in the park.

The pavilion's simple, yet thrifty design allows for a distinct, easily recognizable space amidst a field of adventure and play.

The facility includes a single accessible, gender neutral toilet room along with a covered picnic area of approximately 400 square feet. While modest in size and scope, the washroom building and pavilion acts as an important amenity in the refreshed Moodyville Park, providing a safe, comfortable, easy to maintain, and beautiful facility for park users.


The project’s material palette focuses on the use of durable materials wherever possible to help reduce the economic costs associated with maintenance and the abuse that washroom pavilions frequently suffer. Throughout the pavilion there is a constant play between heavy materials and an open-air environment. Steel and concrete block touch the ground in vandal prone locations, and warm nail-laminated timber roof references the forested park.


Do check out the amazing park design by PFS Studio which artfully inserts a wide array of traditional play structures and natural play opportunities while maintaining the varied topography and existing trees of the previous park area. If you have any kids between 4 and 12, bring the bikes so they can brave the extremely popular pump track.