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Carscadden Notebook

Take notes the Carscadden way.

Take notes. Doodle. Make another note. Sketch something. Show it to someone. More notes. What was that thing from the other day again? Sketch it again - and again, one last time. Show it to someone.

Take notes the Carscadden way.

Architects perform many tasks and wear many hats all at once. We occupy an informational locus that requires us to not only remember it all, but organize it all, and to do so with invention and insight. Rigorous note-taking and doodling is an essential skill.

We built this notebook with this habit in mind. It's not thick enough to last you more than a few months and not so precious that you try to make your notes all pretty. This is a working architect's notebook.

Toss it in your bag, bend it, fold it. It doesn't matter, you'll fill it so full of notes in a week you'll need a new one anyway.



Don't let the plan ruin your architecture.


Using a fax machine in 2017 is irresponsible.


Pressure makes diamonds.