Burrows Passive

British Columbia

One of the pleasures of architecture is meeting and working with people who are equally passionate about building. Perhaps not in the same way or for the same reason, but passionate just the same. Such is the case for our client in Tulameen.

Tracy, a longtime specialist concrete contractor, came to us fascinated with and having completed the Passive House Canada course. Like every house client of relatively modest means, this is a labour of love for Tracy - and doubly so, since he is executing most of the work.

Located in British Columbia's Similkameen Valley, this house will ultimately serve as Tracy's retirement home: a compact, three-level home built to withstand the cold and heat extreme's of BC's Interior.



The primary consideration here was the provision of a high-performance insulating wall whose construction was manageable on a strict budget and possible to execute both as time allowed (an implication of the client being their own contractor) and with materials readily available in BC's Interior.

Second, the insulation needed to be continuous. A high degree of effort was invested in coordinating a true continuous insulation system, while at the same time preserving structural necessities, envelope breathability, and appropriate air-tightness.