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Design is when an elegant solution emerges from the methodical daylighting of the pertinent challenges

Kensington & Robert Burnaby Park Washrooms

Burnaby, BC

Vanguards of a quiet renaissance in BC public washrooms, Robert Burnaby and Kensington Park Washroom Buildings redefine the standards of park amenity buildings. Playful, durable as all get out, and each crafted to respond to their peculiar sites, these modest buildings are the grandparents for 20 years of park infrastructure.

BC Place Stadium roof collapse

Did anyone even notice. The new roof seemed to galvanize the City more than the collapse of the old one.

Canada legalizes same sex marriage

A little behind the curve on this one by comparison.


You likely knew where you were when this happened, even if it’s unclear just how much it altered life everywhere.

Canada first country to legalize medical marijuana

Ahead of the curve we were on this one.