Wreck Beach Washrooms

Wreck Beach, Obviously

About as real as the West Coast gets, the Wreck Beach washrooms arrived on site like relics cast from an old ship. Evocative and strange and practical, it’s hard to believe they haven’t been there for fifty years.

Photography: Martin Knowles

Ambleside Fieldhouse

West Vancouver, BC

The existing fieldhouse at Rutledge Park still had some life left; it just needed new accessible washrooms, accessible changerooms, offices, ventilation and heating systems; all without affecting the existing shell structure and envelope. Ultimately, we reworked the existing interiors to be generous and logical; and added two small pods to the entrances of the changerooms to house all new mechanical systems without burdening the existing building structure.

Ian McDonald

Ian McDonald Headshot

Partner (Joined May 2007)

There is a knife edge between indulgent and practical in architecture. That’s where we live.

Polson Park Pavilion

Vernon, BC

Surrounded by the park’s lush, natural environment, the Polson Park Pavilion’s thoughtful use of wood and bright colours reflects the setting and injects a sense of delight and warmth, particularly in winter months.

18 West Hastings Microlofts

Vancouver, BC

The Microlofts at 18 West Hastings were Canada’s first microunits, a groundbreaking affordable housing model integrated into a refurbished heritage building. With each interior feature custom designed to maximize space, liviabilty, efficiency, and beauty, these apartments prove that the City can be your living room if you have a beautiful bedroom to return to.

Penticton Community Centre

Penticton, BC

In a complete reversal of the existing facility, this addition project is characterized by an introduction of daylight and bright colours to create a welcoming, fun aquatic centre for Penticton residents. The existing modest lap pool and teaching pool was upgraded into a new competition 10 lane lap pool, and generous leisure and hot pools – and a waterslide! (With MAD Studio.)

Photography: Yuri Akuney

Renfrew Park Community Centre Upgrades

Vancouver, BC

Sometimes what starts as necessary and technical code and seismic upgrades results in much, much more. A five year process saw this community favourite lovingly upgraded to not only meet modern safety standards but to feature a large hot pool cantilevered over the spectacular Renfrew Ravine, a bright new lobby, and Canada’s first ever use of glass lockers.

Winfield Arena Expansions

Lake Country, BC

A series of strategic renvoations over several years cemented Winfield Arena’s place as the epicentre of hockey culture in Lake Country. A new refrigeration plant, rink, and changerooms increased capacity and performance.

Photography: Yuri Akuney

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Vancouver was a funny place in the run-up to the Games. Weirdly insulated from the fiancial crash shortly before, and energized almost as much as in ’86.

Swalwell Park Pavilion

Lake Country, BC

The anchor to a reimagined park in Lake Country, the park itself is an early catalyst for civic renewal in the area. It won awards and we remain very proud.

Photography: Yuri Akuney