Clever.  Tenacious.  Real.  Generous.

At Carscadden Stokes McDonald Architects, we’re problem solvers. We push until we find the most creative, pragmatic solution possible. We see our ideas through until they become inspired, functional, and well-considered buildings. We're with our clients from the beginning of a project until the very end. We do the thinking, the drawings; we’re at meetings and on site. No detail is too small for us to care about or tend to. As a result, our clients can be confident that our shared vision for the project will come to fruition, on time and on budget. We’re proud to have made our name designing and building some of British Columbia’s most respected recreation facilities. Carscadden knows rec better than any other firm. We understand the unique needs and constraints associated with recreation architecture, so we can navigate them effectively and efficiently. Most importantly, we have a deep commitment to and passion for building facilities that will bring joy to the communities that use them.

The way we see it, architecture has the capacity to change communities for the better. The Carscadden team is deeply invested in where we live and work — our Vancouver Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, the communities in which we build, the planet we live on. This investment is a powerful driver in the decisions we make: from what and how we build, to how we get around, to how we spend our free time. Many make similar claims; Carscadden lives them. We walk the walk – or rather, we bike the bike.


Bruce Carscadden

"Architecture is discipline - discipline that gives you courage to build an idea that makes people's lives better."

Bruce is a distinguished architectural leader, one of the premier public and community designers in Western Canada, and a recognised expert in aquatics architecture. His particular interest lies in addressing the oft-competing needs of user, client, and community through design, and in finding modern solutions to common problems with an innovative use of material and form.

Bruce founded Carscadden Stokes McDonald Architects as Bruce Carscadden Architect in 2000. Prior to this, he was Partner at the predecessor firm of Roger Hughes and Partners Architects, and has been an Adjunct Professor at the UBC School of Architecture + Landscape Architecture. He is a past-chair of the University Endownment Lands Design Advisory Panel and the Chinatown Heritage Committee.


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Glen Stokes

"Architecture should last. No one has ever benefited from weak architecture. We're after an architecture that's playful, and flexible, and durable."

Glen joined Carscadden Stokes McDonald Architects in 2004 and became Partner in 2010.

Glen believes that the key to good design lies in creative problem solving. Elegant designs are discovered through hard work and relentless investigation of the issues and aspirations for the project. These values have been instrumental in numerous and significant award winning projects including aquatic centers, park buildings and landmark heritage renovations. These are the best kind of projects - challenging and generous.

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Ian Ross McDonald

"Our work is really an interest in the delight that comes from elevating the every day for everyone at every chance."

Ian joined Carscadden Stokes McDonald in 2007 and has been partner since 2013. His work with the firm includes the Lieutenant Governor Medal winning Swalwell Park, Kensington Park, and Robert Burnaby Park Washrooms, and ranges from the small - bike parking facilities for Translink - to the gargantuan - the 14 acre Prairie Winds Park in Calgary - to the speculative - a proposal to use bikes to mitigate damage in post-earthquake Vancouver.

In addition to practice, Ian taught at the UBC School of Architecture + Landscape Architecture from 2005 until 2013, served on the board of Vancouver’s Centre A Gallery, sought (and lost (badly)) a position on the Vancouver School board, and is currently President of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia.

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Emma Carscadden

"Architecture matters – perhaps the most to those who don’t even realize that it does. My job is to communicate that.”

Emma is the marketing and promotions lead and was the firm’s first employee (after Bruce, that is). As a non-architect writing about architecture all day, she has honed an ability to translate jargon into real language.

Outside the office, Emma is busy in the Strathcona neighbourhood, serving as chair of the Strathcona Business Improvement Association board of directors, and as secretary of the Strathcona Community Centre Association board.

Emma’s profile location on this page is on the top of Ian’s list to correct.

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Armen Mamourian

"Architecture is a gift and the practice of our discipline affords us the responsibility to give back to our communities by becoming something more than the individual project."

Armen is a Graduate of the UBC School of Architecture and joined Carscadden Stokes McDonald Architects in 2009, becoming an Associate in 2015. He has a wide range of experience, including municipal, university, and commercial projects, throughout British Columbia, seeing projects through from concept design to completion. Armen is a dedicated team member with a commitment to excellence in design and has been recognized by clients for his outstanding client relations.

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Stewart Burgess

"Every project contains the seeds of positive change - the architect's role is to help nurture these seeds into beautiful full-grown architectural interventions that over-deliver on client and community expectations."

Stewart is a graduate of the UBC School of Architecture and joined Carscadden Stokes McDonald Architects in 2012. At the office, he has worked on many projects ranging from aquatic centres in Kelowna, Nelson and Iqaluit to park washrooms, commercial renovations and apartment buildings in the lower mainland. Outside of the office he is active in the community having been a part of the team that created the Commercial Drive Parklet (Vancouver's first crowd funded parklet) and volunteering as a director with the Heritage Vancouver Society and Vancouver Public Space Network. Recently he had to trade in his fixie for a bike mounted child seat.

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Mark Woytuik

"Architecture is an effort to cajole whimsical solutions out of practical problems and practical solutions out of whimsical problems." 

Mark joined the firm in 2015 after graduating from the University of British Columbia School of Architecture. He brings with him an academic background in literature, history and film, which he has adapted into his architectural practice. He aspires to leverage his emergent understanding of the industry to conscientiously impact the built environment and facilitate play and enthusiasm in construction culture.

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Azin Etesami

Azin’s biography is a bit delayed through no fault of her own. It took an embarrassingly long time to coordinate a second round of office photographs is all.

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MARK H.jpg

Mark Hosford

"With all the wonder in the world to draw from, it is with great responsibility and opportunity we can magnify our surroundings through Architecture."

Mark has gained a strong interest in the manipulation and design of great space, and the effect it can have in enhancing the experience of its users. He graduated from the Masters of Architecture program at the University of Calgary. He has gained a widespread perspective through exchanges to Hong Kong and Barcelona. With an open mind, and keen eye, Mark always looks forward to enriching any design opportunity.

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Amanda Jehring

“I am halfway done my bio and pull-quote. Just let me finish these shop drawings first.”

Like Jasmine, Amanda works hard to stymie Ian’s efforts to have a complete About Us section of the website by steadfastly refusing to complete her own biography.

In spite of this, Amanda is an essential element of the alchemy that is Carscadden Labs, and perhaps this is the trade that Ian must endure in order to benefit from Amanda’s insight and talent present in the office. Too bad she mostly works for Glen.

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Sarah Sako

“Pull-quotes undermine the value of architecture.”

Sarah is an interdisciplinary designer and intern architect. Sarah holds a Masters in Architecture from UBC and previous to joining Carscadden Stokes McDonald she has worked in theatre set design, archeology and florals. Her diverse interests and burgeoning knowledge of the professional practice feed her endless curiosity. Sarah adamantly believes that lessons in architecture and design can be found in everything and everywhere. She is also allergic to cats.

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Chloé Boisvert

“I swear I will get you that text, Ian, the moment you stop suggesting something new.”

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Veronica Troughton

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Jasmine Lam

“Photographs lie.”

Jasmine is a thoughtful and disciplined designer whose commitment to practice is so total that she has not had time since joining Carscadden in May 2018 to contemplate writing her biography, in spite of repeated reminders from Ian to do so.

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Moya Hilliam

There is no other way to put it: Moya holds the office together and keeps things running, and we would be lost without her steady hand at the front of the ship. 

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"You call that a beard? Ha!"

We met Randy when we moved to our current studio in 2008. He had been living in a vestibule a few doors down on Hastings Street when he introduced himself to Bruce and offered to help with renovations to the building. He had previously been a tile setter, and since that's Bruce's least favourite renovation activity, has been with us ever since.

With a steady income and social network, Randy now has a place across town - he commutes by bike like the rest of us. He voted for the first time in 2015.

"Office Fixture" doesn't quite cover it.


Caleb Westerby

Caleb has until Ian comes back from vacation to complete this before it’s done for him.


Danica Herman

Danica is a citizen of the world and hails most recently from Europe. She also has until Ian comes back from vacation to complete her biography before Ian does it for her.



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