609 Heatley - The Acadia Apartments

British Columbia

The Acadia Apartments are located in Strathcona, one of Vancouver’s oldest residential neighbourhoods.  Their primary heritage value lies in their relative rarity as apartment buildings within a single family residential housing context, and significantly, their existence as rental housing, which speaks to what would have been their historic role in providing affordable accommodation for new residents and small families. The continued provision of that use appears key to the buildings’ historic role and operation in the neighbourhood.

The Acadia Apartments have played a role in Strathcona for generations.

Their value is generally buttressed by their corner lot prominence on Heatley Avenue and Keefer Street and siting across from McLean Park and Lord Strathcona Elementary School Grounds – the buildings figure more largely in the neighbourhoods’ psyche as a result.

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At the time of their original construction in 1910, the buildings included ground floor retail on Keefer Street. The units were subsequently converted to residential, although retain vestiges of the original storefront alcoves as dedicated entrances to those (now) residential suites.


An ephemeral, but significant aspect of this project is the longstanding culture of the Strathcona neighbourhood.
Two significant legacies resulted: first the preservation of the community’s build form (predominantly single family residential); and second a tradition of local community activism.